• Pakistan Journal of Physical Therapy (PJPT)

    The advancement in technology has been fast during the past two decades. Although it has rendered many positive impacts and made life extremely fast, just one click away; on the other hand, it has converted life into sedentary mode. Hence, comes the need and utility of physical therapy. It is one of the allied health professions that uses biomechanics or kinesiology, manual therapy, exercise therapy and electrotherapy. It helps to rehabilitate and improves mobility and function.

  • Asian Journal of Allied Health Sciences (AJAHS)

    We are living in information era and specialization with multidisciplinary orientation is playing its part greater than ever. To ensure originality of work and contribution to the knowledge. The Faculty of Allied Health Sciences (FAHS), The University of Lahore has published "Asian Journal of Allied Health Sciences (AJAHS)"; a Quarterly peer-reviewed open access Journal. The aim of the Journal is to provide a platform for allied health professionals to publish their research work. All materials, articles and information published in AJAHS will be peer-reviewed.


    The International Journal of Physical Education and Sports Science entitled “The Sky” will be published annually by the Department of Sports Sciences and Physical Education functioning under the umbrella of Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, The University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan.

  • Al-Tabyeen

    A Journal focusing on Islamic Studies and Social Sciences & Natural Sciences in Islamic perspective.

  • Pakistan Journal of Nursing and Midwifery

    We are breathing in the age of Information and Technology where variant disciplines are playing multi-faceted roles than the past; to fortify novelty of work and instrumental to the knowledge.
    Lahore School of Nursing (LSN) The University of Lahore, is publishing its esteemed journal with the name of Pakistan Journal of Nursing and Midwifery (PJNM), which is a quarterly peer- reviewed open access journal. The purpose of the journal is to provide a standard platform to share the knowledge, and innovative ideas for updating and advancement in nursing profession to keep pace with the modern world.


  • Pakistan Journal of Engineering and Technology

    The PakJET is a peer-reviewed, scientific and technical journal owned and published by Faculty of Engineering and Technology, The University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan. PakJET publishes high quality original scientific articles dealing with the use of analytic and quantitative tools for the modeling, analysis, design and engineering management in the Engineering and technology disciplines. The scope of the journal falls in all fileds of Electrical, Electronics, Civil, Mechanical, and Computer engineering.  All Article Processing Charges (APCs) are waived off in 2018, 2019 and in 2020.

    PakJET provides a platform for the researchers, academicians, professionals, practitioners, and students to impart and share knowledge in the form of high quality empirical and theoretical research papers, case studies, review papers, analytical and simulation models, technical notes from researchers, academicians, professionals, practitioners and students from all over the world.

    The PakJET Journal makes a maximum effort to publish submitted papers as quickly as possible. The first round of reviews should be completed within two months. Then, authors are expected to improve their manuscript within one month. If substantial changes are recommended and further reviews are requested by the reviewers, the publication time is prolonged. The whole review process is fully follow standard procedures.

    ISSN (Print) = 2664-2042

    ISSN (Online) = 2664-2050